Visiting the Christmas Markets in Vienna

Waling through the Christmas Markets in Vienna was like walking through a fairy-tale. The markets were filled with twinkling lights and endless treats (hello baked potatoes fluffly pastries).

The Austrian capital is full of historical palaces and beautiful streets to explore. Be sure to pop into the gorgeous cafés to refuel for more adventures.

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The day I got this poncho sweater I couldn’t take it off — it is so comfortable and perfect for traveling, exploring or just lounging around.

Check out the details of my poncho sweater outfit from Backcountry on the blog now:

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Ice Hotel Is Fit for a (Dragon) Queen

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Top Things to Do on Kauai

Kauai is known for it's natural beauty and endless opportunity for adventure. Have a relaxed vacation lounging on the white sand beaches or walking through the botanical gardens. See the island from beneath the waves or from the sky.

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Danube Christmas Market River Cruise with Crystal Cruises

Officially checking holiday trip to Northern Europe off my bucket list✔️ With the help of Crystal Cruises, I sailed the Danube River and stopped in some pretty incredible cities in Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

I ate my way through the christmas markets, awed at the beauty of the twinkly-light-lined cobblestone streets and learned the unique history of each town.

Click below for a breakdown of my itinerary and details on what I did each day of my epic trip!

Be the Barista With This Travel-Ready Coffee Maker

ravel budget hack: save your money on expensive cafes and make your own coffee!

Visiting the Christmas Markets in Regensburg, Germany

With over two millennia of history, the city of Regensburg is full of stunning archituecture and streets to explore. Visiting this town was one of the most authentic experiences I've had in Germany.

Along with wandering through some my all-time favorite Christmas Markets and indulging in some of my all-time favorite Christmas Market treats...I finally got to have a white Christmas!

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7 Best Waffle Places In The US To Hit Up If You Love Them As Much As Eleven

A very important article highlighting two very important things 😋

Ohhh chuuuuute 👌🏻
So stoked to be one of the first to get their paws on the new #GoProFusion! For someone with zero experience in 360 photo and video, I can’t believe how easy it is. The GoPro Overcapture app makes the entire process to edit and share 360 content possible from your phone in just a few taps.

River Cruise Onboard Crystal Cruises' Mozart

This year I got to go on my dream holiday trip to see the festive Christmas Markets in Northern Europe! Onboard Crystal Cruises' Mozart, we cruised the Danube River and stopped in cities in Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Not only were the cities like walking through a winter wonderland, the ship was extremely festive and full of holiday cheer.

Check out all the details of my time on the ship below:

Introverts, Listen Up: This Private Cabin Is How You Fly Without Interacting with Anyone

Taking first class to solo class. What do you think?

Visiting the Christmas Markets in Salzburg

With over six-hundred years of experience, Salzburg knows how to put on a Christmas Market. The delicious food, intricate trinkets and amazing historical sights to see, made this stop a highlight on my European river cruise with Crystal Cruises.

Check out my adventures in Salzburg, Austria below!

See Majestic Photos of the Tallest Trees on Earth

Nature truly never disappoints

*Cue the Jurassic Park theme song* 🌿🦖🌿
Summer is in full swing in Cape Town and I’m a new proud member of the Botanical Society of South Africa (power to the plants! 🤓) Kirstenbosch is by far the most beautiful garden I’ve seen in the world!

It’s part of the Cape Floral Kingdom (a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has the highest concentration of plant species on earth)! BYOB- you can bring your own food and drinks into the gardens for a fun in the sun picnic!

The gardens host outdoor concerts all summer!

It has a REALLY cool name! 😉
Shot on FUJIFILM X Series US | Edited with #TBApresets |

This Is When to Visit All U.S. National Parks for Free in 2018

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Nature’s pretty neat 🤓
Last year I spent the 1st of the year at the Grand Canyon. I wanted to set a NYE resolution to spend the 1st day of ever year outdoors. But, this year, I binge watched 1.5 seasons of Game of Thrones and forgot to shower.

I tried to make up for it on day 3 of 2018, but I definitely didn’t hike to this view. And I went straight from sunset to a taco bar. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Life is all about balance, right? 🌮>🥗
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Highlights from my November South Africa Photography Tour

Last November I hosted my very first #TBAEscapes photography tour in South Africa! I got to take a group of incredible women around to my FAVORITE places in South Africa.

With stunning views and endless insta-worthy backdrops, I watched these women grow and strenghten their photography skills with the help of Travis Burke Photography.

From beach picnics to game drives to wine tasting and more, this was truly the perfect way to introduce these ladies to the beauty of South Africa.

Click below for a full re-cap of the tour!

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2017 was a dream 💙
This year was all about change. Not only did I make Cape Town home, I fell in love, grew my business with an incredible team, launched @TBAescapes travel tours and educational retreats and hosted nearly 50 women in Bali and South Africa.

This year’s growth, both personally and in business, has been overwhelming and incredible.

I traveled more than any other year in my life— flying nearly 150,000 miles and spending 542 hours on planes.
I booked solo trips to scuba dive, I took countless girls getaways with my best friends, I slept in treehouses under the stars, and I sought out entirely new adventures (most of them here in Africa). I laughed, I cried, and, most importantly, I disconnected so that I could connect again.

Cheers to constantly seeking new adventures, discovering new destinations and, of course, to the new year!
Thanks to Travis Burke Photography for snapping this photo and for the amazing adventure!

Staying at Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and Treehouses

After a year of living in South Africa there is still SO much to explore. My friend Travis Burke Photography and I decided to take a little trip to discover some incredible locations.

We got to check out this beautiful hotel right in the heart of Kruger National Park. Lion Sands Game Reserve has different types of rooms and accomodations, including ones in which you can sleep under the stars!

More information about this special hotel here:

Where will 2018 take you? 🗺🛵
I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I relocated to Cape Town— and I haven’t looked back since! You’d think that moving to, literally, the farthest place from home is a little crazy. But, home is where the heart is— and my heart is in South Africa.
I hope that my journey is a reminder that you can start over. Anywhere. Anytime.

So, whether it’s a little trip or a big adventure, where will you go in 2018?!

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Redefining Blonde Teaser

Check out the full video HERE ♥

I truly believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment life throws at you. Over the past 6 years, my journey as "The Blonde Abroad" has been well documented online. But, most of the time, I've only shared the highlights. This adventure has been a crazy, amazing rollercoaster-- with plenty of mishaps along the way!

I'm so excited to share my newest video in partnership with Herbal Essences. It's not often I work with a brand that is so supportive of my creative vision, and has a mission that I am truly inspired by.
I hope it inspires you to take that leap, go on that adventure, and to #LetLifeIn!

Managing Food Around the World with Type 1 Diabetes

Traveling the world means you'll see and do amazing things, and most importantly – eat and drink! This can cause some challenges for type 1 diabetics as you often find yourselves counting carbs and having to manage insulin doses.

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7 Cocktails You Can Make On A Plane — No Carry-On Ingredients Required

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Christmas in South Africa: 75° with plenty of penguins 😍🐧
Back in Cape Town and wishing everyone celebrating a wonderful holiday full of love and cheer! Full of gratitude each and every day, but especially this time of year! 🎄🎁
Shot on GoPro | Edited with @TBApresets |

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Merry Christmas! 💚❤️

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